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Create, Send, and Track Email and Lead Nurturing Communications -- scroll through the page and see for yourself what Genoo provides for your Email Marketing initiatives.

Easily access and manage all of your Email Marketing:

Establish the default Email Appearance by Microsite:

Setting or modifying the Email appearance is easy and straight forward:

Set your Email Campaign Attributes:

Add Content and Images to your Email:

Images can be brought in from the Image library, and placed in the email blast:

Preview and Test Send Your Email easily:

Viewing the Metrics and Intelligence Gathered from the Campaign -- start to glimpse the power of unified marketing tools:

Easily see who visited the microsite:

Genoo builds valuable intelligence about the activity of each Lead, and allows you to drill into that view, as well as use that information in our dynamic List Management capabilities that allow you to actively segment your leads – targeting their interests, and building more effective relationships.

Genoo's integrated online marketing tools enable the effectiveness you need to build relationships and generate sales ready leads.

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